Quality & Innovation

Established on October 2002, Neckmolde, Lda mainly produces and sells moulds and accessories to the glass packaging manufacturer industry.

Headquarted in Ortigosa, in the municipality and district of Leiria, Portugal, Neckmolde started its producing activity with three people with over twenty five years of experience in this industry, which gave the project a high level of product know-how, both in terms of production and quality.

A few months after beginning production, Neckmolde started preparing its structure towards certifying its quality management system. This process was successfully concluded June 2006 and Neckmolde, Lda became a Certified Company to the ISO 9001.

With an annual growth rhythm of over 20%, Neckmolde grew supported by human resources, equipment and technology and today it is a modern structure, composed by a total of 25 highly specialized people, with a productive capacity of 20000 neck rings/year.


Environment & Quality Policy

Neckmolde Lda. has as its fundamental principle the continuous satisfaction of the needs identified by the customers, responding to the demands and expectations of the packaging glass industry market, always striving for a personalized and close accompaniment.

  •  Total Customer Satisfaction: focusing on the quality of the products/services provided, providing a good price/quality ratio;
  •  Satisfy, train and inform employees: provide working conditions, enhance motivation, skills and update knowledge in order to ensure the commitment and involvement of everyone with the Integrated Management System;
  • Foster respect for others: not apply abusive disciplinary practices or any type of discrimination (race, national or social origin, social class, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, political opinion, age or any other condition);
  •  Build loyalty with suppliers: seek and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers in order to maintain profitability rates.
  •  Monitoring of technological developments: in order to be equipped with “know how” to present innovative solutions;
  • Minimize environmental impacts and consequences: to promote environmental protection by acting in pollution prevention and control of generated waste, meeting all legal requirements and compliance obligations;
  • Accomplish legal and technical requirements, norms and guidelines applicable to Neckmolde’s activities
  • Promoting improvement: investing in the effectiveness of its Quality and Environmental Management System, complying with all the requirements of the standards.

Mission | Vison | Values


Develop and support solutions for the packaging glass industry, in the molding area, ensuring the quality and
sustainability of the environment.



To be a reference in supplying the glass packaging industry market, contributing to a sustainable future.


 Social and environmental responsibility
 Quality and Rigor
 Respect and Humility

Executive Structure

Carlos Cruz
Ran the year 1973 when the 18 year-old-boy had his first job interview, to the then new born Intermolde, resulting in an agreement that would last for many years.
During the next 29 years, he had went to several sections at Intermolde, and eventually became head of some of them, like the Drawing, Programming and Planing.
At this time, he decided to have his own project, named Neckmolde. To set up this project, he established a colaboration with two partners, from the same company, to help him in the turning and metallization areas.
With his mind turned to the quality and client satisfaction, his project grew exponentially, got its space in the market and he was able to claim the brand Neckmolde.
With innovative ideas, Neckmodle quickly become a small company open to new processes and tecnhologies, aiming to improve not only the quality of its products, but also the manufacturing process.
After 12 years of partnership, in 2014, the company was dissolved, and was aquired by its funder, Carlos Cruz. In May 2015, another partnership was established, this one family-oriented, wit 3 partners: Carlos, Tiago and João Cruz. These 3 elements started a new stage, following the dream of a young enterpreuner, in a competitive and arduos business market, but also very rearding.Experience in the BranchYears in Business.
Tiago Cruz
Partner/Director of Production
Neckmolde’s employee since October 2005, and partnersinf May 2015.
With 16 years, started to work at Intermolde during school holidays. During this time has aquired experience in the industry of molds for the container glass as a miling machine CNC operator. During 6 years, his holidays were spent in this industry, gaining knowledge and skills to succed in this area.
He joint Neckmolde with the previous management, having since the begining, an important role in the organization. As a responsible for the quality, we ensured that one the force vectors of Neckmolde was maintained during the next years, being one cornerstone for the company growth.
He has passed through various sections, like turning and milling, and aquired the know-ho of all the entire flow of manufacturing at Neckmolde,crucial point for a production manager at the time to act on the planning and organization of the production course.
With the new technology PTA, it was needed to have the adequate technical graduation, and this was well embraced by Tiago. He was, parallel to the production direction, the responsible for the Metallization section. Coordinating training outside Portugal, he always ensured that the qualityt of the metallized products were simillar to the non-metallized ones.
At the new Neckmolde’s direction he took the production director role, being a new jey-point in the company, aiming a promising future, together with a young nd motivated team.
João Cruz
Partner/Sales Director
He started his experience in the molds indstry with 16 years, as a ocupation in the school holidays. He worked as a turning and milling CNC operator, learned the industry reqirements and the passion grew, coming back to these function during the university breaks.
With a degree in Industrial Management Engeniring by the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the University of Coimbra, he has finished this degree with a master’s dissertation at the Linköping University, Sweden.
With completed graduation, he has joined the market in the fiel of the molds for plastic injection. He has started his career as a trainee in a reputed company in molds manufacturing. After 6 months, he would get the role of projects manager, during 2 years, being responsible for external markets, as the Russian and the South-American ones, and other european markets.
In June 2015, he joins Neckmolde as a Commercial Director, where he has became responsible o develop, parallel to the shoping area, the whole marketing and advertising of the Neckmolde brand, through new markets ans costumers.